Open The Doors Of Opportunity By Improving Your Smile in 2022

Can you get invisalign after braces

It’s January, and you know what that means – new goals and resolutions for 2022. What do you say we kick the year off right by starting at the power source for many of the goals that may be on your list? If you’re like most people, then health, eating habits, confidence, and taking advantage of new opportunities likely top your goal list, right? There’s a very import facet linking all those aspirations together. Can you guess it? Odds are most of you didn’t guess dental health. So, let’s take a look at how it’s all connected.

1. Dental Health Is Important To Your Overall Well-Being

From being able to chew foods properly to the connection between tooth/gum health and your risk of heart disease, your dental health plays a role in your overall well-being and how you obtain your overall health goals, such as eating a more nutritious diet.

Take this new year as a time to focus on your oral hygiene habits, such as brushing, flossing, and visiting your orthodontist regularly. Brush and floss at least twice a day to prevent food and bacteria from building and creating an environment for cavities to form and thrive. Call today to schedule an orthodontist visit so that you can plan out your appointments for the year before both your calendar and the orthodontist’s calendar gets booked up should you need orthodontic treatment, such as braces.

Make your dental health a priority this year. Doing so will help all your other health and wellness goals be much easier to achieve.

2. Open The Doors Of Opportunity By Improving Your Appearance

One of the first impressions people get from you comes from your mouth. Are you smiling, or are you trying to conceal the impression your teeth may give as you knock on the doors of opportunity? Maybe, you’ve wanted to transition to a job where you work face-to-face with clients verses behind the scenes? Perhaps, you want to start dating after a long-term marriage has ended? It could be that you’re about to embark on a new chapter of your life, like college. Whatever the opportunity knocking, you shouldn’t let how you feel about your teeth stop you from answering the door.

If you’re unhappy with the position, alignment, straightness, or how your teeth look in general, you should take this new year as your own personal opportunity to schedule an appointment with a Kalamazoo orthodontic specialist.

Treatments, such as braces, can completely change the appearance of your mouth. Treatment plans are certainly easier, faster, more painless, and less costly than a lifetime of missing life’s opportunities because your hiding yourself away and peeping out the window at them. Orthodontic treatments have helped clients of all ages, professions, and walks of life achieve the smile they deserve and have always wanted.

3. Confidence Gains Bring Life-Changing Moments

There’s no doubt that most people who’ve been treated with braces describe the experience as life-changing. Having a straighter and healthier smile isn’t just about appearance improvement; it has the power to change your entire outlook on life. You’ll see yourself as others see you – complete, beautiful, worthy, unashamed, confident.

You may have the outdated perception that metal braces are confidence blasters, not boosters. But, you have to consider that wearing braces is but a few ticks upon your life’s clock. Plus, today, there’s a plethora of treatment options beyond metal braces, including the virtually invisible Invisalign product. Orthodontics today is adaptive to the active lifestyles of patients and takes self-consciousness into consideration.

4. Become A Leader, Not A Follower

If you want to realize your goals, whether that be joining a gym and eating better or furthering your career or relationship status, then you need to lead off on the right foot, or in this case – tooth. Be a leader in your own life. Take control of this new year as a time for you. Allow this new you to excel by making positive decisions and changes for yourself.

Every January is like a reset button, allowing you to make fresh choices on a clean slate. Make your teeth the first thing on your 2022 slate. Using orthodontics to improve your smile and dental health is the first step to realizing all those other self-improvement goals on your to-do list, and ultimately becoming the most empowered and truest version of yourself.

Call Hallgren Orthodontics today to schedule your orthodontist appointment or get more information about your orthodontic treatment options. Today’s the day to put your resolutions to reality.

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