We are very proud of the work we do. Take a look at what some of our actual patients have to say about our practice!

I was 31 years old and the mother of 3 little girls when I finally made the decision to get braces and improve my smile. My dentist recommended that I visit Dr. Hallgren and I’m definitely glad that I did! Dr. Hallgren’s exceptional treatment plan literally transformed my overlapping lower teeth and crooked upper teeth into a miraculous new look. My husband even commented that it looked like I had someone else’s teeth! I was so pleased with my own experience, that there was no doubt we would visit.
Dr. Hallgren again when my daughters needed braces. THANKS to Dr. Hallgren and his staff, my girls and I all have beautiful smiles!
– Judy Acker-Smith

Raising happy, healthy children is our most important priority. The choice for their orthodontist was one we took very seriously. Dr. Hallgren and his wonderful staff were the obvious first choice. Their concern for and care of our children was always professional, individualized, and compassionate. Our children’s smiles are perfect and cannot help but make us smile back! Many thanks.
-Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Reddan

I would like to share my story with you on our adventure with braces. Our oldest daughter needed braces, and we were told by a friend we should go to Dr. Hallgren because he was so wonderful. Well, she was right. Dr. Hallgren’s professionalism and knowledge was amazing, and he made us feel so comfortable. At the consultation he explained the problems and told us exactly what needed to be done. Our daughter’s teeth looked fantastic after the braces were removed. We also had two other daughters that needed braces as well, so of course we went to Dr. Hallgren. His staff was always very pleasant and courteous and they made the experience for our daughters very stress-free and painless. I would highly recommend Dr. Hallgren and his wonderful staff if your son or daughter needs braces.
– Janyce Hutchins

Ross, Pete, and Danielle on her wedding day with smiles by Dr. Hallgren!
– Sue Nave

Thank you Dr. Hallgren and staff! I am very pleased with my smile after my orthodontic treatment and to everyone that is now in retainers…please remember to keep them away from your loving canines…my “Royal Wine Canines” have eaten mine one time so far!
-Christine Skandis

Thank you for all you have done for me to help me look beautiful on the most important day of my life. Even more importantly, I am happy with my smile when I look in the mirror everyday. I receive compliments regularly which really helps my confidence.
-Alycia Ehlert (Iwan)

Thank you Dr. Hallgren for my beautiful smile. A smile can say it all. This smile and this moment will last a lifetime. Keep them Smiling!
– Leann Ely, Miss Michigan

Dr. Hallgren treated my three children, consecutively, and lastly, myself. We were thrilled with the results and the process getting there was made as pleasant as possible with the individual attention from the doctor and the friendly, caring staff. The helpful information of what to expect as we proceeded from one stage of treatment to the next was especially reassuring. Dr. Hallgren and his staff were genuinely excited for us as our treatment progressed. I highly recommend this orthodontic office!
– Lori Shugars, Kurt, Jacqueline and Gregory

Our family’s experience at Dr. Steven Hallgren’s office has been wonderful. Each child’s treatment plan was mapped out completely and understandably. The professional staff has always been willing to guide and help us. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to utilize the talents of this office.
– Don and Joan

Thank you so much for everything. I LOVE going to the orthodontist and I look forward to going. You are always so nice to me and my sister every time we go. When I first got my braces, I never knew I would want to be an Orthodontist myself! Thanks again!
– Matthew Brusach

Thank you so much for all you did to make my smile perfect! Everyone in your office is so friendly when I go and I look forward to every appointment. Now I am confident and glowing in Middle School. Thank you SOOOOOO much!
– Katelyn Brusach

My daughters had braces with Dr. Hallgren in high school, but I was 51 before I finally decided to ‘get it done’ too. The time went by quickly and I realize that I wasted years worrying about it. Dr. Hallgren and his staff were supportive, encouraging and friendly. We’re all very happy with our results.
– Linda Stanton

In high school some of my accomplishments were made on the track, in the record books, and wearing a crown with a fancy dress as “Miss Gobles”. Now a college student at Western Michigan University, I am currently pursuing a major in dance and growing closer to my life goal of professional dancing. This requires me to spend a lot of time working face to face with others as well as performing in front of hundreds of people. Thankfully, I have a smile that can now light up the stage. Many thanks to Dr. Hallgren and his wonderful staff for handcrafting my smile. I have been blessed with some pretty amazing opportunities in my life and that is something worth smiling about!
– Lauren Dietrich

It was a great experience to work with Dr. Kevin Hallgren, he is an outstanding professional and excellent to communicate with. As a future dentist, I had really high expectations and not only did Dr. Hallgren meet my expectations but exceeded them. He is very knowledgeable and was able to address any concerns I had. I had complete trust of his knowledge and abilities to make my teeth look great and also function effectively. Simply an outstanding orthodontist!
– Diana R.

Before I met Dr. Kevin Hallgren, my teeth were a chaotic mess. I was self-conscious about their appearance – especially in the workplace. Consequently, a “closed-lips” smile was the norm regardless of how joyful I may have been on the inside. Dr. Hallgren developed a detailed treatment plan to straighten my teeth and rescue my smile. He clearly explained every step of the process and solicited my input when needed. As one of Dr. Hallgren’s adult patients, I was thoroughly impressed with his capabilities and his chiarside manner was impeccable. His sincere concern for my well-being and comfort was reassuring. I also appreciated how accommodating he was to my demanding work schedule. I love my beautiful new smile! Dr. Kevin Hallgren is an artist! He transformed my smile into a masterpiece and liberated me to flash brilliant smiles at will!
– Paul H.

Wow. Julie couldn’t stop smiling yesterday. You did an awesome job, Dr. Kevin Hallgren. She will be looking forward to taking lots of memorable pictures such as school, family, graduation pictures, etc. I am sure she will remember you each time she smiles. Again, Thank you!
– Ms. T.

From start to finish, Dr. Kevin Hallgren did an exceptional job with my son Noah’s orthodontic correction. The entire process–beginning with our initial consultation to my son having his braces removed–was efficient and incredibly pleasant thanks to Dr. Hallgren’s patience, kind demeanor and personal approach. He was always available to answer questions and was extremely responsive to any concerns that arose during treatment. At every monthly visit, Dr. Hallgren thoroughly explained each adjustment or process so that we clearly understood what was happening and what to expect. I am very happy and grateful that my son received the best of care from Dr. Kevin Hallgren. He exceeded our expectations and my son’s beautiful new smile says it all!
– Leslie M.